Intuitive Tarot and Energy Healing

Readings & REiki by Paulette


Intuitive Readings

If you have ever wondered what might be coming next or how to navigate through an uncertain time, my Intuitive Readings can offer insights given with love and empathy.

I blend Tarot and my psychic talents to provide a look into what is unfolding in your life, and how you can influence the future. I channel messages from your guides to bring perspective and provide the peace that even in the most difficult times, you are not alone!



Reiki is a healing technique that attunes your body to the energy that infuses us all. I provide a safe space for the profound healing and deep relaxation that comes from a treatment. Reiki can help people who are suffering from mental and physical ailments, or anyone that needs to receive the gift of self care.

I am a Master Level Usuai Reiki practitioner and tailor each appointment to the specific needs of my clients. I bring a unique blend of healing modalities from my background of over 15 years in energy work to create a whole body healing session.