What is an Intuitive Tarot Reading?

Intuitive Tarot is a blend of a traditional Tarot reading which includes psychic information and channeling messages from your guides and loved ones who have passed. I have found that tapping into all of my intuitive abilities provides a dynamic and flexible reading to meet the needs and questions of my clients.

what if you tell me something i don’t want to know?

People are often worried that readings may offer information about “bad” things that will happen in the future. “Bad” means different things to everyone, and I empower my clients to guide the session away from information that they aren’t wanting to focus on, i.e. health issues, family members, etc.

Our lives are filled with ups and downs, so readings will also have information that appears favorable or unfavorable, depending on our perspective. One way that you can use readings is to influence or change the outcome if you feel you’re not headed in the right direction.

Are there bad cards/what if the card looks scary?

Tarot cards are not literal, but highlight key energies that are at play in our lives. Some of those energies may feel scary or create unease, but often, these cards represent growth and change. Without finding our edges, we can never step beyond what we thought was possible! I encourage clients to speak up if they see or hear something that brings them anxiety, because there is always something to explore when those feelings come up.

What can i expect from a reading?

You can always expect to be treated with dignity and respect, in a judgement free environment. Many clients come when they are facing challenges and these times are when we are at our most vulnerable. I offer compassionate guidance that comes with confidentiality. You should walk away from a reading with confirmation about your path/decisions or a different perspective on the direction of your future.

Reiki FAQ

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that directs energy from source/god/spirit into a person. This energy is what connects us all, and is not tied to any spiritual doctrine or religion.

Reiki involves appropriate, light, hands on touch when the client is fully clothed. It can be administered sitting up, standing, or lying down.

what can i expect from a reiki Session?

My sessions include a short intake, which helps me understand what you would like to take from the session. Then, we move to 30-40 minutes of Reiki. Reiki healing is typically administered on a massage table, in a relaxing environment. Often, people move into a state of deep relaxation - or even fall asleep, but every person is different! Some people feel buzzing in their heads or tingling sensations in their body. After the session is complete, we have time to talk through your experience and answer any questions.

Can reiki cure me?

Reiki is a technique that has been known to increase overall wellness, create a sense of peace, and works well with ongoing treatments with your medical doctor or alternative medicine practitioners. I encourage clients to work with their medical professionals for treatment of physical or mental concerns. Reiki clients often report that overall symptoms of pain, inflammation, anxiety/depression are lessened with treatments, but Reiki is not intended to replace medications or professional medical care.

how often should i come back for a reiki session?

Every person is different, and has unique challenges from an energetic and physical perspective. I encourage at least two weeks between sessions to allow the healing to fully integrate and process any information or insights from the last appointment.

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