The Fool

As I step into this next iteration of my passion, I am contemplating the first card of the Tarot Journey: The Fool.  He is full of potential and I absolutely LOVE when this card shows up for me in a reading!

First, we are all represented by The Fool in one of my favorite readings -The Life Path reading.  In this reading, all the major arcana (or themes) are part of the reading, and we get a chance to see where you have been and what you are stepping into next.  I love starting new clients with this reading to explain what events have shaped their present, how their future is built from the past, and how all the cosmic themes are interconnected.

Second, The Fool is a card of intention to begin – he is ALL potential.  He has not yet manifested his desires, and sometimes, he isn’t even sure what those desires are, but he is ready to move on. He typically carries something with him; in most decks, it is a satchel.  This bag represents all his fears and troubles.  We cannot run from our past, but we can set them aside to move forward.  He also carries a warning, often in the form of a faithful companion, to remind us of where we came from and keep us on our path.  While starting out on a journey can feel freeing, we still have to unpack that bag!  In the meantime, though, staying carefree and enjoying the exhilaration of something new is what he invites us to do! 

This card also carries a message of hope. The mountains in the background represent leaving a troubled past or situation behind. When The Fool shows up for you, it’s time to walk away from the issues you have been facing. The yellow background dominates this card, which also carries meaning. Other Major Arcana that share this yellow background are: The Magician, The Empress, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, and Justice. All of these cards point to a positive outcome to the situation, so cheer up! Good things are ahead!

Rider-Waite Deck

Rider-Waite Deck