The Hanged Man

Whew! It has been a whirlwind getting through September for me, and guess which card came up as I integrate the intense experiences?  The Hanged Man, which is a card that represents total surrender.  A.E. White, who created this card through his illustrator, Pamela Colman Smith, describes this card as the “relation […] between the Divine and the Universe.”  He urges the reader to consider that the face of the man shown is tranquil and content, and he is swinging from a living tree.  He is not there by accident, and he is growing through this practice. 

I often attempt to rationalize my experiences, especially when they are profoundly spiritual.  The need to make sense of them is so strong!  I have spent a great deal of my life working toward a goal, and on a mission.  Much of my spiritual path has been unraveling and unfolding this mindset, and just participating in the here and now. 

The Hanged Man reminds us to find time and just allow our minds to unfurl.  He encourages us to be patient, and since the planet he represents is Neptune, to become like the element of water.  Water is receptive and flowing, but also powerful.  Consider the Grand Canyon: the water carved the mountains over thousands of years.  What patience to create such a masterpiece! Growth is not always pushing forward, it can also be learning patience and waiting. 

The flip side of this card can be to warn us of stagnation, so while some time in suspension is good for us, this isn’t a good place to park for too long!  The world needs us to show up and stand for something too, so this card can also show up when we are having trouble moving forward and feeling stuck. 

Whichever way you interpret this card, it is one you should heed!  The next card in the sequence is a symbol of transformation.  It’s likely that when the energy shifts, it will shift fast, so find time to enjoy your time in contemplation!